Built on trust

A digital marketing tool to keep your
conversations true and your community real.

100K+ users:verified,
legit and on-the-up

8K+ verifiable
credentials issued

100K+ campaigns

22K+ DiDs
and counting

70K+ bots

Multiple hacks
and attacks mitigated

Struggling To Create An

Authentic Community?

That's every business out there

Bots, malicious users and fake profiles plague the internet today, targeting user data, skewing campaign
results and causing an enormous waste of marketing resources. Companies, social media platforms, even
governments are unable to control this phenomenon that with each passing day erodes trust in these brands
and prevents them from creating authentic communities.

Waste of marketing resources to reach out to an unwanted audience

Malicious users and bots end up monopolizing campaigns

Personal data is collected and stored; becomes a target for data leaks & exploits

Incorrect campaign categorization

Not built for IDOs

Lack of 'Freemium' Options

The solution is


Marketing that gets an A for Authenticity.

Built on the Hypersign protocol and based on personal and social credentials, HyperFyre enables businesses to create cult-level followings through explosive real-time promotions using social media blasts, sweepstakes, contests, referral programs and more.

Identify ‘Real’ users using secure Public Key Encryption

Eliminate bots and hackers through social verification

Web3 Compliant Encrypted data, accessible only by the owner of the data

Prevention of user monopoly by ensuring user is unique

Collect only what data is required;

Flexible pricing & freemium models

Built for Crypto


Build community.
Drive engagement.

Communities are resilient, dependable and secure with Hyperfyre.
Conversations are real, real-time and hyper-engaging. And all this can
happen on a safe, secure, public key encrypted, Web3 compliant
platform, here and now!

Feature 1:

Verified userbase,
10K+ and growing

Feature 2:

Social Verification, so your community can verify themselves through their social networks and also promote your brand on their pages

Feature 3:

Randomized Winner Selection, to help in finding real random winners rather than with an implied bias

Feature 4:

Advanced Referral & Score, so existing members can invite their friends and be rewarded for it

Feature 5:

Password-Free login, now only real users can login

Feature 6:

WEB3 based Privacy and Data Protection

Feature 7:

Guaranteed ‘Bot-Proof’ system helps eliminate bots and malicious users.

Feature 8:

DIY Dashboard - Open, fast and simple dashboard allows for self configuration

How HyperFyre Works

Organizes Event


Participants are
Authenticated via Social Media

Verified Participant


Event Details

Organizer Sends Events

Participants Signs- up via
Hypersign Wallet

Who can benefit from HyperFyre?


Surveys, Customer Profiling, Promotional Campaigns


Run campaigns to identify fans and followers


Secure distribution of charity funds and giveaways

IDO Launchpads:

Marketing and promotional campaigns to filter and verify users

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Digital leaders tomorrow.